V1 - worth buying?

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Re: V1 - worth buying?

Yes I know that op asked about the V1 and not the J1 which I own, I am being honest and not brand loyal for me I don't really care which brad I use as long as I am happy with the photos .

I don not intend to mislead the op because it has a evf , the price is also to consider the V1 cost approx. £699 with that op can look to oly Elp3 or the bargain epm1 ,plus evf and a zoom lens. with the added benefits that you can do some creative photography.

Now I can compare because I have both J1 and Elp1, for my use the J1 is excellent as I use it as a P&S,my only compliant is the shutter speed and high iso , but I can work around that.

As such its up to op to decide eveyone has thier own opinions.

I bought the J1 because I wanted to give Nikon a try and the J1 delivers what I want, but if I could turn the clock back I would have bought the epm1 instead and safed some money at the end of the day 4/3 sensor is bigger and overall IQ is better,same goes for the sony nex aps sensor even bigger thus better IQ then the 4/3

Facts are facts deal with it


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