Why is an OM-D better than a Pentax K-5?

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Re: Pentax participants: This will make you happy!

Henry Richardson wrote:

It took me awhile to catch on, but after reading several of the comments in this thread from Pentax users who have come to the m4/3 forum to try and convince us that the K-5 and Pentax lenses are as small or smaller than the E-M5 and m4/3 lenses I now understand their thinking. As long as you ignore the actual body sizes by insisting that we pretend the cameras are 2-dimensional and weu only look at a front view and then further ignore the whole list of m4/3 AF lenses and further ignore the whole list of Pentax lenses and just cherry pick one or two MF Pentax lenses to compare to dissimilar m4/3 AF lenses with different apertures and different effective focal lengths then I can see their point. Therefore as a service to help prove their point I offer this wonderful comparison:


This is the E-M5 with the largest m4/3 lens mounted. It has the AF Panasonic 100-300mm f4-5.6 OIS with an effective FL of 200-600mm. The K-5 has the 43mm f1.9 MF lens with an effective FL of 64mm. Clearly this is the most equivalent comparison that can be made. Why do I say that? Because it is the only type of comparison that fits the criteria of our visitors. LOL

If you want small then m4/3 is probably the way to go. The K-5 is very attractive and in some ways is preferable to me over the E-M5, but I much prefer the range of lenses that are fairly small that m4/3 has over the mostly much bigger lenses that Pentax/Sigma/Tamron have for the K-5. I also prefer to have AF lenses for AF cameras. For someone else it is certainly reasonable that they prefer a larger body with a very small number of small MF lenses. This has nothing to do with one being better than the other, but this bizarre argument that the K-5 and lenses are as small as the E-M5 is just weird.

The Pentax lenses do have AF. Photozone about the 43 1.9 you mention:

"The lens has no internal AF motor and relies on a slotted drive screw operated by the camera. As a result AF operation will generate a moderate degree of noise. The AF speed is very fast on the K10D."


Nobody, at least not me, has claimed that the K5 system is a s small as the OM-D. Just asking for a little less misleading body/lens comparsions. Here is one:

If you want to go really small with no disagreements then those of you who have the K-5 should get yourself a Pentax Q and lenses. That is really small.

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Henry Richardson

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