If Nikon plans to sell 7 million DSLRs in 2012...

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Re: If Nikon plans to sell 7 million DSLRs in 2012...

Clayton1985 wrote:

In that scenario I would guess that both the D800 and the D600 would take sales from the 5DIII. The D600 for those that want similar resolution plus more fps at a fraction of the cost and the D800 for those that want superior resolution and dynamic range for $500 less. The 5DIII is certainly still a great camera but it will be hard to convince someone that is on the fence or not loyal to either brand to spend more money to get less.


We already know that D800 takes quite a bit of sales from the 5DIII - that is in the upper segment, where shooters really appreciate the body improvements of the 5DIII. So it is really hurting Canon. IMHO, the D800 wasn't really aimed at 5DIII - rather, it takes the D700 concept to another level, sacrificing a tiny bit of speed to gain just about anything else.

I think Nikon would have released something like the D600 regardless of what Canon was doing, but as it stands now, the "fine sensor in a humble body"-concept of the 5DI and 5DII will be taken over by Nikon. And if Nikon can fix the issues with 39-point AF, I guess the body may not be perceived as that humble, either. I think Nikon will price the D600 rather aggressively, the added revenue from system switchers paying for a little bit of body subsidizing.

Canon will be forced to answer to this, but it seems they cannot right now do it in a killer fashion. And if Canon can get something adequate out of the door, Nikon may answer with a D600s. For example, I doubt the sensor in D600 will be very much optimized - it's both about costs and not challenging the D800 (or the D4). Provides room for improvements.

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