Raw Developer for SD1 coming soon

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Re: Raw Developer for SD1 coming soon

gary mercer wrote:

Here is the letter I got from Brian Griffith. He is still working on it and it will happen, though the project is delayed.

Hi Gary,

My goal was end of April. I obviously I missed that goal. Getting the SD1 working is a very high priority. It's close, but the Sigma/Foveon cameras are a royal pain in the butt to support well... very, very finicky with color handling and especially noise and each new model seems to always have a new set of weird quirks. I hope to have it ready any day now. I put a huge amount of time and effort into getting the DP series models finally supported not all that long ago and hoped the SD1 would be relatively easy after that nightmare, but unfortunately it has not been the case....

Best regards,
Brian Griffith
Iridient Digital

zzapamiga wrote:

Hmm, another week and no new Raw Developer release. Anymore news or info regarding a delay?

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Gary Mercer

Thanks for the update Gary. I guess this is the reason for no SD1 support in other Raw software. Seems the X-Pro 1 is having the same problem.

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