Leica should develop a cheaper body!!!!!

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Re: Leica should develop a cheaper body!!!!!

Leica has already stated their intention to build an interchangeable lens camera with EVF and a sensor that is "at least" aps-c size. At the same time they also stated they are unlikely to develop another line of lenses as this would spread their resources too thinly. This would suggest a new ILC that can use M-mount lenses, as their m43 lenses will most likely not work on an aps-c sensor, nor will the elephantine S-lenses. I believe that Leica also said that the price would fall between the X and M lines.

If these things hold true, and the new camera's performance is up to scratch, it will sell like blazes in the Leica niche. But more than $2k for a mirrorless body? It had better be damn good.
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