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Re: flhotelin images

Leica to Nikon needs the lens mount beeing replaced. Kind of surgery. Althoug it was not a big deal for my Summicron 50. The Leitax side shows the procedure for a lot of lenses in detail, with images. But often the shroud has to be removed. Same with Fotodiox replacement mounts. Kind of a one way procedure.

The longer registration distance of Canon requires only an adapter. You keep the Leica mount, in case this is important for you. You can buy a Canon EOS 5D Mark III now and sell it later, in case Leica offers an solution. As others mentioned, a M10 with live view and R adapter is probable. That's what is possible today with a Sony Nex 7 (APS sized sensor).


There is an lengty interview with Leica's product Manager. When I recall right, he mentions during the interview the reason for giving up the R line was a capacity problem by introducing the new S2 line.

bunkerboy wrote:

Those are quite impressive results, indeed and thank you for posting them. Is there one model of Nikon you would recommend over another - and is Leitax better than Novoflex etc for adapters? Are we really confident that Leica will try to address the R lens issue together with the next M iteration, in which case I would hold on another 6 months and wait for Photokina. Thanks all for the discussion - I knew there would be others out there in Leicaland waiting to use our R glass..........

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