Adjusting your monitor ? please help !!

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Re: Adjusting your monitor ? please help !!

Thanks Luke,

I think if a few people (many pros in the forum) all say the image looks ok, then I'll run with calibrating my monitor to my printer like the resulting image below.

I need to get better lighting in my room which i think is probably the main issue to making the screen and print look closer after finalising the calibration
Thanks for the feedback.
Cheers Neil.

Luke Kaven wrote:

There are many things that can go wrong in getting your screen calibrated and profiled.

One very common problem involves having the white point of the display turned up too far. The Spyder 3 Express does not report on those kinds of issues. If this happens, when your image looks good on a hot screen, it looks too dark on a properly calibrated display. Is this what you're seeing?

Should I assume that you've seen to the basics of getting the display calibrated and the new display profile set as the default? [If this is a PC, which version of Windows?]

Your image looks very good on my calibrated display. I think the image is fine.

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