Fuji X-BW 35mm f0.95 16mp super IQ

Started May 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Fuji X-BW 35mm f0.95 16mp super IQ

Interesting reply! I knew when I made the post an f0.95 aperture was wishful thinking. However the theory behind a fixed focal length was to mitigate to some extent the economic and optical engineering limitations of the lens such as, but not limited to the diffraction limit to maximize the benefits of a high resolution sensor. I'm sure optical engineers can do better than f2, maybe f1.4??? Would this limit the minimum aperture? I'd like to see f1.x - f9 as a minimum.

Why would the minimum ISO have to be so high? I was using the OMD ISO 200 - 12800 as my reference, but then I still don't understand why it has a minimum 200 ISO.

Fully manual wasn't suggested and I guess 10mp without anti-aliasing filter is plenty of resolution for me. Improved noise control and super dynamic range with sharp lens is what I really want!

Still dreaming about a small affordable high IQ, DR, ISO, B/W Camera!!!

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