20D and 500D which one is better?

Started May 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
Billy Webb Junior Member • Posts: 33
Re: 20D and 500D which one is better?

The 20d is a great camera, granted it does not perform as well High ISO noise wise, you have to know that there are other considerations that make the 20d an awesome choice for a used camera! If you shoot a lot, the 20d will outlast any rebel, any day of the week hands down! 20d is certified to 100,000 + shutter actuation's, has an alloy body and frame, and is generally a tank that does render great image quality. I personally will never but another rebel anything ever again... I got a little over 10,000 shutter clicks before the thing self destructed! But having said that, I acknowledge that i shoot a lot! If all your are going to do is birthday's and misc. hollidays and parties and then the camera sits for weeks, rebels are great and economical!

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