Adjusting your monitor ? please help !!

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Neil Morgan Senior Member • Posts: 1,243
Adjusting your monitor ? please help !!

Hi Everyone,

I would like to ask the best way of adjusting your monitor ?

Last month I got home from an overseas trip and while over in China adjusted my photos in the laptop i had but when i got back the photos looked terrible on my LED PC screen so I re-adjusted them to suit and sent a couple to a graphic designer friend to look at.

He then said they were out again and sent me his Spyder3 calibration tool. I adjusted my screen and then printed an image and it looked terribly washed out - desaturated so I sent the image to my wifes PC and It looked pretty close to the print.

So I re-adjusted my screen until it looked like the print but it still a little out compared to the wifes LCD PC screen which seems correct to the print.

Since I have adjusted my screen everything looks a little faded but now it is reasonably close to the printer (Epson R1800 photo printer) output.

So whats right - the printer, the spyder3 ???

This is an example that printed pretty much perfect and looked correct on my wifes screen.

Cheers Neil
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