s95 or nikon d5100? is it worth?

Started May 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
RobSouthOz Regular Member • Posts: 252
Re: s95 or nikon d5100? is it worth?

If you master the D5100, then yes - you can get much better images

If you use it as a point and shoot (kit lens, auto mode, inbuilt flash) - then for photos that work - yes they should come up marginally better. But you may also get a lot more misses as well, such as when you accidentally focus on the body, or use a shutter speed that is too low. These photos will be much worse. But you may not know what is causing them.

A better camera is not a panacea for better photos, but it helps to have the right tool so long as you can master it (or at least understand it better).
Cheers, Rob.


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