V1 - worth buying?

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Re: V1 - worth buying?

My reply is think very carefully, I have thr J1 same thing just without a view finder and onboard flash very handy although limiting.

Fact is I have 3 cameras at the moment the Oly epl1 old but still decent, a Canon Ixus 115 p&s very good for such a thiny cam.

Lets start with the Nikon J1, overall I am very pleased I bought it to use as a P&S for when I am on holiday its fast, day light photos are great, photos with flash are also great.

Now here is were the problem starts, dim light without flash iso goes up to 800 shutter speed down to 1/30 and 1/20 , result is I am getting blurry photos to me the VR is not effective, if I use a tripod then photos come out great but handheld I got alot of blurry photos.

With my ixus I can take sharp photos at speed 1/20 and iso 500, same with the oly epl1. OK I know I can go to shutter priority and adjust but its a pain.

My advice would be get the oly epm1 its smaller then your oly z1, and its very cheap at the moment only £299 with kit lens.

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