Small DSLR vs. mirrorless

Started May 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
RobSouthOz Regular Member • Posts: 252
Re: some thought from a Canon + m4/3 shooter point-of-view

Well put Peter.

You insist on compact and having it with you all the time? Canon S100 or similar

You want something more compact than DSLR, OK with handling compromises? m4/3 or other mirrorless

You want excellent image quality & good performance (AF, viewfinder etc) in smallish package? Entry level DSLR with prime

You want great quality images / good performance within reasonable budget? DX DSLR
Quality & performance no compromise? Full frame

While the above is simplistic (and misses whole classes of cameras), the OP needs to work out if his priorities match the 2nd or 3rd profile.

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