New to Macro, need help!

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Re: New to Macro, need help!

eolson18 wrote:

Hey all,

So i recently picked up the Canon 100mm Macro USM (on a Canon 7D). I have gone out a few times since I got it and tried some insect macro shots. I am having a really hard time getting any usable images. The first two times I went out I was not using a tripod and I had a flash on (550EX with diffuser).This most recent time I brought a tripod but had a hard time putting it to use. Here are some of the issues im running into:

1. It is extremely difficult to use a tripod when the insects (bees, ladybugs, spiders) are constantly moving. I was able to use my tripod as a monopod with the ladybug but thats about it. I realize I should pick a "spot" and let the bugs come to that spot but I do not yet have the patience for that:)

there's no reason you should use a tripod... unless what you're after requres one...stacking, slow shutter, etc. some people say a tripod is "essential" but i think it must just be essential for them, i have found no use for one except for when i'm pickinga spot that is low on the ground because it saves my arms.

2. Even with 1/250s and flash I am getting blur lines in my pictures. Maybe 1/200 pictures will be sharp and without motion blur.

1/200 would be worse than 1/250. If you cant high speed sync your body then a macro flash wont help. i always sync above 1/320 at high magnification. It gives me noticably sharper images about 60% of the time (that i tested before moving to > 1/320 all the time).

I am thinking a dedicated macro flash would greatly help but I am not sure if it is worth the high pricetag right now. Do you guys have any advice or know of any detailed/technical tutorials for macro? (I have found several basic ones already)

Thanks for your help!

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