Intermittant ERR 70 -- 5D Mark III

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Re: I think I have figured it out

You should seriously consider using more cards (eventually smaller cards 8/16GB vs. 32/64GB) for your photos.

That way around, you could use one card before you edit and upload to the paper. After you edited/uploaded then use another card for the rest of the shoot.

If somthing goes wrong, you have the pictues from at least the first card safe and away.

That's what i always do for critical work - more smaller cards.

msa_55 wrote:

Hi Allan,

thx for the info - it helped me to locate the problem, the weird about is though that when I shut the camera on and of, releases the battery and put it back many times in a row the camera suddently works, even though the raw files has been texted in Photo Mechanics...

But Im left with the question "WHY" it do not happen with any of these cameras - 1d mk2, 1d mk3, 5d mk2 or any other camera i have used, pocket, system or slr cameras...

So wouldn't it be fair to call this a problem or a fatal error in the 5d mk3 software?

and it kills your ability to work fast - and by this i mean: when i shoot for instance a soccer match, something like Xfactor and so on, the paper i work with expect me to deliver photos in the pauses... so i quickly select 5 or so photos on the card, txt them edit them and ftp's them to the newspaper, and then i put back the card an shoot more photos on this card. After the match I select a lot more pix from this card for editing... But this is not possible with the 5d mk3 so it kills your fast pace when working with tight deadlines, and as i se it Canon has downgraded the 5d mk3 with this software error and just ruined the fast pace workflow... and if you want to work with the 5d mk3 you have to carry a massive load of cards around, keep track of which card has been through the computer and so on if you wanna shot anymore photos instead of looking at the err 70 on the screen...

Im so disappointed it seemed like Canon had made a good camera (mk2) a lot better (mk3) and they did but with this small but fatal software error they just ruined a great camera.

Hopefully a VERY quick software update can fix this....

is there anyone else who has experienced errors with this camera?.

Im in touch with af Canon sales representative which has presented the problem for a technician, so far they call it a card problem, but it has been on any card this problem occurs (fast, slow, new, old, udma cards and so on). So I was promised an answer to this problem on monday so Ill guess i just have to se what happens on monday.

hopefully others out there enjoys their new 5d mk3.


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