Canon EOS 7D Defective Focus / Soft Focus

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Re: I'm still confused, I'm afraid...

Screw all that, seriously you want to buy some test charts and fiddle around with calibration and micro adjusting your lenses, didn't you purchase your camera to take photos of things that interest you? That's what I find odd about all these bottom feeders that forget or ignore the real reason someone buys a camera, that is to take pictures. Your 7D is no more of a high end pro camera than a Rebel or a Nikon 3100, but these Canonites have convinced themselves and each other that a 7D is a highly specialized pro body and that only seasoned photographers are capable of using. In reality, the 7D was a marketing home run for Canon, put out a high megapixel fast shooting camera and watch them to line up and buy it. Can't focus? Crap weather sealing? Ungodly noise and banding? Yes, but look at the FPS and pro type buffer, so what if you can't take a descent picture without half your life spent "tweaking" a file or your lens, the Kool Aide comes with the camera so drink up.

Someday in the near future, real near, one of these 7D kneelers that pop out of Mom's basement and tell everyone that has had a 7D and had issues, and that you are an idiot, is going to buy a different camera. And then just maybe they will have the balls to come on these forums and say, you know, my 7D really did suck the life out of me, kind of forgot what it was like to frame a shot and press the shutter and not have to worry about anything else. Can't wait.

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