Leica should develop a cheaper body!!!!!

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Re: Leica should develop a cheaper body!!!!!

Jim Radcliffe wrote:

Know this... Leica will develop nothing that might impact the sale of their M system in a negative way.

Hi Jim

At this point, someone else could though. Like the GXR with M-Module. Or the Fuji with M-Adaptor. I think Sony and Ricoh, with their focus peaking, might have come closest executing the idea well... but it could be done even better.

There was this CRAZY idea back when the M8 was first released that Leica was going to keep supporting the camera forever, even upgrading sensors for it's customers as time went by. I believe that crazy idea came straight from Leica at the time. Of course, that guy was fired if I remember correctly. LOL

I'll keep wishing for a Digital CL type camera, but I kinda know it's a pipe-dream. I get the distinct impression Leica isn't interested in middle-class serious, but still in the enthusiast camp, photographer. Oh well.


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