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Re: No. Nikon is the laughing stock with tiny sensor in same size as m4/3

Jord wrote:

Silly question but the 10-30mm lens what that in old money? (35 mm)

If by "old money" you mean the equivalent focal length range on a film SLR or full frame digital camera, the V1 had a focal length multiplication factor (aka "crop factor") of 2.7, so that makes the lens equivalent to a 27-81mm lens.

I'm going to have a look at the V1it does seem to tick most the boxes and Amazon seem to have reduced the price quite a bit. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg on a camera I'll use infrequently. If I want top iq I already have kit for that but I would like a camera to carry around on holiday or cycling which is small light and versatile.

It's well worth also adding the 30-110mm lens, which is also a very small, inexpensive, pretty high quality lens. If you buy it at the same time you purchase the V1, it usually only adds $150 to the kit price, almost $100 off its regular price.

Please can we just ignore the troll It make them feel better to fuel their bitter fire.

The troll was added to my 'Ignore' list a long time ago but I didn't realize that he was this inane.

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