New 16mm f2.8

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Djordje Jevtovic
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Re: It is expensive, but less than 24mm's from Nikon & the A mount from Sony.

papillon_65 wrote:

That's an unfortunate side effect of internet forums, sometimes mob rule even applies to lenses. The 16mm was trashed when it was released and the reputation stuck, despite an apparent improvement in Sony's QC. The Panasonic 14mm suffered a similar fate in the m4/3's world but what do you know? people are now waking up to the fact that actually both these lenses are much better than their reputations. I would always advocate trying a lens for yourself, one mans "dog" is another mans most used lens :). The 16mm spends a lot of time on my 5n, is it the best? no, it is what it is, a budget lens that is capable of great images if you play to its strengths.

Well said.

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