Crop vs. FF equivalent with class L

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Eric Sorensen
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Not exactly...

tonyjr wrote:

I went with the 7D as opposed to the 5D II .
Why ?
1st I shoot at f 5.6 or 8 for DOF .

You can shoot at F8-F11 and get the same results. Lower noise on FF allows you to shoot at higher ISO to get the same shutter speed. And Diffraction sets in at higher F-stops so going higher doesn't degrade the image quality.

As far as ISO , I know of no one who goes over 1600 , I think my camera did about 3 times at 3200 - I did not like the results . [ C3 is set at 1600 on my 7 D ]

What if ISO 3200 on FF looks as good as ISO 800 on your 7D? Well, it's pretty close, and it allows 4x the shutter speed, or you can stop down from F5.6 to F11 to get more DOF at the same shutter speed.

I would sat if you never crop , always print at or bigger that 17 X 22 , just do studio shots and have the money to spend , check out full frame

Also add if you shoot low light, nighttime sports, shoot portraits and WANT shallow DOF. And I use the 5DmkII for even daytime sports - and crop the heck out of the images. So the wider angle long lens issue is a moot point, too.

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