Kirk Tuck says OM-D is shot across the bow

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Re: Prius.. BAD ANALOGY.

sderdiarian wrote:

CrashE3 wrote:

I don't know anybody who got one because it is a great automobile that happens to get great gas millage. They buy them for the great gas millage and then.. when the cost of maint catches up.. they trade them off for the SUV they wanted in the first place!

Some buy them to save on fuel costs (pretty logical these days), others to tell the oil companies to go screw themselves to the degree they can (also pretty logical) and still others because they're engineering is impressive. Why put people down for this choice?

Myself, I find it too appliance like, not a sporting bone in its body. Were Mazda to come out with super-light and great handling hybrid Miata at a reasonable price, I'd be first in line. And that would be the car most like the E-M5, IMHOP: small, light, great handling, leading-edge technology yet affordable and gives the big boys a run for their money.

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Sailin' Steve

Yeah, Prius is not the sportiest of cars but then again with the electric motor it has ok low speed torque. My other car (ok, wife's car) is a mini cooper s. so, as I tell people, I have a golf cart and a go cart. The mini is in no way practical but it is fun. The Prius is practical, can actually haul something in it and as I mentioned in anouther post has been very reliable for me (213,000 miles and counting) and of course easy on the pocketbook at the pump.

Just to put this on topic (this is a camera forum, right?) I would say my EM5 has the speed, performance and fun more along the line of my Mini and the technology, features and practicality of my Prius. Best of both worlds.


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