Is d800 more sensitive to camera shake?

Started May 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
mrwilkins Forum Member • Posts: 70
Re: Is d800 more sensitive to camera shake?

corneaboy wrote:

Theoretically, an image from a point of light might fall within one pixel. (I know this doesn't happen due to aberrations but hang in there.) If the camera shakes a little and the point image stays within the pixel, no "blur" is produced.

At the risk of drifting off topic a bit, this is not really true. Subpixel camera shake DOES have an effect on the overall image sharpness, much the same as using a fractional pixel blur.

The reason for this is that during an exposure where shaking at a subpixel scale occurs, illumination from regions of the scene that fall near pixel boundaries crosses over between pixels, thus distributing the light energy between them. It's not a dramatic effect, but it does slightly reduce contrast between each pair of adjacent pixels, which is what blurring is.

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