My D800 & Birding dilemma came to an end…

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Dileep Kumar
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Re: My D800 & Birding dilemma came to an end…

Dear Brandon,

Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

Well, I spoke with the local service centre here and as advised by them later with the regional one in Dubai as well. They said issues such as this normally takes US$2,000 to 3,000 to fix.

I took it from Beach Camera thru a US friend. It came with 5-year USA warranty. Probably I need to find a way to get it repaired thru my friend only. He lives in San Francisco. He had kept the warranty & bill with him. Issue will be shipping and likely taxes to be paid.

Hope there will be a way out.

Kind regards,

Brandon birder wrote:

Dileep, sorry to hear of your problems. It's a shame that some of these cameras are not set up properly. Get Nikon to sort it it, stick with it and I'm sure you will be delighted. Love the nightjar btw.

One other thing when I went from a D90 to a D7000 it took me a month to relearn how to take images even more steadily than I was used to. Just saying because when your camera is fixed, to get the maximum detail you will need to practice.

I now rarely need more than a bean bag, monopod or even handhold.
Cheers, BB
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