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Re: Portrait Critique

You've got quite the eye for detail.

My work is just for fun; I like trying out the high-end retouching techniques since they provide the best results.

I wasn't sure if I should retain the nose line or not; I think I need to review some anatomy

I did think the cheek bone was a little too rounded if that is what you are referring to. Is there a workflow order structural adjustments have to be placed in? After I have so many groups and layers I worry that doing a liquify or free transform will mess up my other adjustments.

My wife is a little peeved I spent so much time retouching so I probably won't do any more editing right now. But these are great suggestions when I get a chance to "finalize" this picture.

I didn't actually like the original picture all that much. It was in someone else's studio and not my setup.

I am curious about DOF comment. With beauty images I see a DOF around 8, which I assume is because they want the entire face to be sharp since so much of the picture is about perfect yet visible skin pores.

Thanks for your comments.

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