EM-5 50 Macro vs 12-50 vs 12-60 Comparison Images

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James A Rinner
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EM-5 50 Macro vs 12-50 vs 12-60 Comparison Images

Another quick comparison between the M4/3 12-50 and Std 4/3 50 and 12-60 lens.

I was asked to do this after posting these comaprison shots on the 12-50 and 12-60 on the wide end. http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1041&message=41477134 . Many asked for the same thing on the long end.

Since I finally figured out (thanks to all you helpful posters) how to put the 12-50 into true macro mode I decided to redo the macro shots. I figured I was then going to have someone ask me to include the 50mm macro so I added that lens.

Long end of the lenses set at maximum aperture.

I set the zooms at 50mm for the two center shots and went to 60mm for the far right shot.

Long end of the lenses 1/60 @f8

Here I tried to compose them all the same, with the same aperture so we could check out the detail.

Long end of the lenses 1/60 @f8 Details
Here is the center section enlarged...

Now for the macro!

The first set is shot at the maximum aperture of each lens. No doubt who the winner is here!

Maximum magnification with max aperture

The 12-50 is very close to the 50mm macro but the bokeh with the 12-60 is better than the 12-50 if shot at maximum aperture (see above).

My Conclusions (yours may be different)

Focusing speed:
1. 12-50
2. 12-60
3. 50 Macro

1. 50 Macro
2. 12-60
3. 12-50

1. 50 Macro
2. 12-60
3. 12-50

Lens Choice:

All-Around Lens, my clear choice would be the 12-50
Macro Lens, 50 Macro (duhh!)
Portrait lens, (3/4) 50 Macro
Group and 3/4 Portraits, 12-60
Scenics/Landscape, 12-60

Even though the 12-60 is sharper than the 12-50 on the EM-5, the 12-50 (on the EM-5) is sharper tha the (12-60 on the E-5). See the post mentioned above to see the E-5 vs EM-5 shots.

James A. Rinner

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