V1 - worth buying?

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You dropped out of elementary math class?

photo perzon wrote:

m4/3 cameras with a sensor 6 times larger and a wide collection of FAST 1.4 and 1.8 primes are the same size, weight and cost.

That says all about how much you know about the N1 system.

OMD is considerably more expensive.
OMD is considerably larger.
OMD is considerably heavier.
OMD has still banding problems at high ISO.

OMD sensor is LESS THAN twice the size of the N1, 225/116=1.9 times to be more precise.

Nikon lenses are few but better.

Nikon is pathetic, the only motivation was not to compete with DSLR sales.

Now that Canon is coming Nikon should revamp the whole pathetic system 1 series.

Canon is coming where? With what? You don't mean that pathetic large sensor P&S, do you?

BTW, I had a look in your gallery... You should watch your WB and exposure. Don't use AWB. The Oly AWB is still only usable in bright daylight. Your indoor images look terrible colour wise and the outdoor images are either underexposed or have blown highlights. Just the way I know Oly is if you don't watch yourself.

I understand now why you said the above... you have so many cameras you never have time to learn to use any of them. The OMD is newer than the V1, so you have it, just like that pathetic large Canon P&S with that mediocre lens and AF.

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