Planning Guatemala highlands trip - replace D700 w. m 4/3?

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Re: Planning Guatemala highlands trip - replace D700 w. m 4/3?

Like everything it depends on what your threshold for quality is. I moved to a panasonic GF1 20mm + 45mm combo straight from a Nikon F3 so here are my thoughts on how they stack up.

1. Till ISO 400 i am hard pressed to find a difference in image quality between the GF1 and my partner's D700. This does not mean that the Nikon does not have an advantage, its just that for me it's not too big to lose sleep over. I seldom print anything over A4, so I am not seduced by the siren song of more pixels either.

2. GF1+20mm slips into my jacket pocket (or on my wrist with a wrist strap) and the 45mm in the other pocket a definitive plus for portability, especially if you are climbing a lot of hills or just walking a lot. Plus it does not scream expensive so carrying it through the most poor or unsafe pockets of the world is not an issue.

3. I usually carry 2 memory cards (8GB / 45mbps) and change them every day so even if I lose one / data corruption I do not lose a complete section of my trip.

4. If you are visiting places where electricity will an issue, I would recommend carrying an extra battery / batteries. These cameras go through batteries really fast if you plan to do some long exposures (10 sec+). I loved the film cameras in this aspect.

5. Panasonic GF / GX cameras are well built so they deal well with minor scrapes, and light shower. I would recommend getting a GGS lcd protector glass screen though (I cracked the LCD mountaineering in the Himalayas) but it still works fine, (stuck a GGS protector over the cracked LCD).

6. I would definitely recommend a Gorillapod, it weighs next to nothing and comes in handy with self portraits and long exposures.

These have been my personal experiences till date I hope they help you make a decision. You can have a look at these low res images to get an idea what this combination can do.
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