Fuji X-BW 35mm f0.95 16mp super IQ

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Fuji X-BW 35mm f0.95 16mp super IQ

I was thinking about the new Leica monochrome camera, which I can't afford, so I did a little number crunching and came up with this hypothetical monochrome fuji X camera I'd love to buy. I think it could be made and kept relatively affordable. Would you buy one at $500-$600 with high quality lens? I would love to hear your opinions

  • 1/1.5 BSI EXR BW Sensor

  • 16mp

  • f0.95

  • 35mm equivalent fixed lens

  • no anti-aliasing filter

  • 14+ev dynamic range (with EXR)

  • 12800 iso

Before you say the sensor stats are completely unrealistic there is method to the madness. I'll use the Olympus OMD E-M5 as a base for comparison as I think a BW 1/1.5 sensor would have a similar sized photosite sensor density and therefor similar performance potential.

As you can see from the math below (unless I made a blunder) the BW 1/1.5 sensor has a marginally better photosite density ratio then the colour Bayer m43 sensor. Therefor ISO performance could have similar potential to E-M5, Fuji EXR technology should offer awesome DR to the already impressive native e-m5 capabilities and no anti-aliasing filter will improve resolution with a good lens.

I'm sure I've had a few oversights, but that's my 2 cents worth.


1/1.5 sensor = 58.1mm^2
m43 sensor = 225mm^2

Colour Bayer sensor = R+G+G+B = 4 photosites per pixel
BW sensor = W = 1 photosite per Pixel

where photosite density = (photosite per pixel * 16mp) / sensor Area

Olympus OMD E-M5 sensor photosite density = (4*16mp) 225
= 284k photosites per mm^2

Fujifilm X-BW 1/1.5 sensor photosite density = (1*16mp) 58.1
= 275k photosites per mm^2

rounded to 3 absolute digits.

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