Kirk Tuck says OM-D is shot across the bow

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Re: Wont happen

PerL wrote:

There might eventually be EVFs in pro cameras - for video reasons alone. But they will stick with the larger sensors and you wont see M4/3 replacing N or C at the Olympics 2016.

I won't be so sure, not all pro are shooting with FF, many are using APSC sensors.

As the sensor IQ improves, it will be possible to use smaller sensors to get enough IQ and that will be the tipping point.

Mirrorless is all about portability, but for pros the end result is what matters. The larger sensors will always have advantages for light gathering and subject isolation.

It is unprofessional and a bad business decison to let portability have priority over the images.

Exactly, for pros what matters is the results and, I'd add, the effort needed to get those results. If they can get the same results with less effort, then they will use what minimize their efforts and cost, they use what is good enough not what is overkill, what allows a fast workflow and keep the client happy. They won't wear more weight than what they need.

Not all pro need subject isolation, in some cases (many cases ?) they need lot of DOF. With fast lens and noiseless shadows up to 3200, mirrorless cameras are near of a tipping point that will sway pros as well as amateurs. Pros will have other cameras of course, for when they need it, but smaller and lighter cameras will soon be part of their gear cabinets and their photo bags too.

For amateurs its another matter and personally I am very much for compact cameras. But the pros with the big DSLRs are not stupid, they just have a professional attitude.

You have preconceived ideas about pros. They will use what produce results while minimizing cost and efforts. It is a question of rentability and a cost/benefits relationship. And mirrorless cameras are almost there for them.

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