Vr 24-120 f4 vs 28-300 Nikons

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Re: You obviously don't know anything about Wedding photography.

Same for the 60 micro which is a very sharp lens. This lenses have performance specific to a particular distance extremes but I think the new version is better at distances (someone correct me), something of this could have played a role. Again, f4 sounds doubtful and unlikely as the whole comparison; I find hard to believe these are equal in sharpness, you had some other characteristics in mind perhaps more.

My test between 60mm AF-s and 24-120 f/4 was as following:
1. stick a one dollar bill on the wall.
2. Use tripod
3. Live view manual focus
4. Mirror lock up
5. Pick best our of three for each lens
6. Use RAW and observe in light room for both 1:1 or 2:1
7. Distance is about 1.5m

Unfortunately, I have deleted all files. I could not notice sharpness difference.

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