X100 or OM-D

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Re: Try both, if you can...

I have both. Both are really fun cameras to use.

When I got the X100 I felt liberated. Output was better than my GH1, it has the manual controls I wanted and a very useful OVF (only thing i didnt like was the exposure dial which is too easy to bump).

So, when the X-Pro came out - i thought I would be moving from M43 to Fuji. However, Olympus released the OMD which is pretty much all I have wanted in a camera for several years (and I already have M43s lenses).

I tried both and would have been happy with either but decided on the OMD because of the faster focus (though less accurate than my venerable E-1!), weather sealing (I travel in strange places) and because of the range of lenses available.

X-100 vs OMD: I think the OMD is a better overall camera. However there is still something compelling about the X-100.

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