Anyone else bored with their D800?

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Re: Anyone else bored with their D800?

Not bored, exactly. It is what it is - just another tool. I use medium format digital very often, so it's not possible to surprise me with resolution. I don't enjoy working with 35mm SLR bodies. But I do need the flexibly they offer, so always keep a fairly comprehensive system on-hand. I no longer want to spend on over-engineered bodies, though, so the D800e is the sensible, low-cost alternative.

I've just been taping over the Nikon branding on my unit. I must say that I find the look of the thing really unappealing. Hopefully, a Chinese knock-off grip will cheer it up, a bit.

I still smile when I pick up my ancient RD-1 bodies, or the GF-1, and, lately, the X100. I won't bond with the D800e in the same way. Doesn't matter. It will do what I need it to do.


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