My little D800/5D2 res test...not much difference

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Re: My little D800/5D2 res test...not much difference

SubPrime wrote:

Conversly, they also argue, like the OP, that the resolution disparity between 22 and 36mpx is insignificant in practice. In other words, they are pushing this theory that the extra 14 mpx introduces a whole bunch of caveats with no real benefits which is pretty absurd.

I'm not theoriziing, I'm posting real results. In my opinion based on this little exercise the extra 14mp is insignificant in practice. Insignificant does not mean the advantages don't exist or are useless, but they are just that: insignificant. That's based of a comparison of two photographs in a large print test, not theory. Was anything I stated in my original post incorrect? Or was it just not what you wanted to hear? If you feel I was wrong or misinformed and want to post a rebuttal, some photographic comparisions to support your point of view would be helpful, as I've offered mine.

If 36mp makes a tangible difference to you, great. So far I don't see a huge improvement in the captured detail department, even though the pixel increase says we should. Based on previous camera generations, the D800 is not capturing as much detail over its predecessors as the pixel count increase would suggest.

One could argue this debate happens every camera release, and I guess it does. But evidence is pointing towards 35mm running towards the top end of its resolution capturing ability. And why should that be a surprise to anyone?? We are now using these little cameras and comparing them to what we did with 4x5 film! We are at the point where it takes a near-perfect lens at apertures between f4-5.6 to get full output of the sensor. Where do we go from here then?? Higher resolution sensors? Better lenses? Or a bigger format?

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