Rockwell finally loses me! (Ranty)

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Rockwell finally loses me! (Ranty)

I've always defended Ken Rockwell. Though his site is built to make money, the man is clearly passionate about shooting and loves the gear. His site has tons of great info and anyone with an IQ over 80 won't be led astray since we all tend to look at multiple sites anyway. His complainers and detractors always seem like jealous crybabies to me.
But Rockwell, in summing up his D800 vs. 5DIII comments, finally wrote:

"If you want to shoot landscapes, and then turn and make a people snap, the D800 and D800E just can't reconfigure themselves fast enough."

Now I own the 5DII and I have a D800 on order and I recently sold my D700. I've also had my hands on BOTH the D800 and 5DIII for an afternoon of shooting. Ken's comments are not only wrong, they're plain silly.

I don't know a single person who shoots landscapes and portraits one minute to the next. And I can quickly set up any of my cameras to do what I want in seconds. If I'm doing portraits, I certainly don't need (nor want) a set of presets. If I'm doing landscape, which I rarely do, the D800 or 5DII will be meticulously set-up correctly and not with a best-guess group of settings. Now, if big foot suddenly appears I'm pretty sure I can adjust quick enough. Funny that he never does. If I'm shooting a concert/wedding a nuclear blast could reduce the venue to rubble and suddenly I'll need my "landscape setting" but that never seems to happen either.

In short, Ken's favor with the 5DIII appears to lean 100% away from the pro shooter or serious enthusiast, most of whom don't shoot with pre-sets, Auto modes and want every ounce of resolution and dynamic range a sensor can muster. Does Ken think people are buying these things for family snaps? He should wake up and focus on what these tools do in professional hands, not the thick-walleted dad looking to impress his father-in-law with a impressive looking camera.

A pro understands why the D800 is more versatile than the 5DIII. Rockwell probably does too, but he's got to cater to his audience.


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