Event Photography Flash - What to buy

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Bruce Alan Foster Junior Member • Posts: 29
Event Photography Flash - What to buy

Hi All

I do quite a few proms and am increasingly finding the room worflow to be a problem.

I am thinking of switching from my Bowens monolights to something that will work off mains and battery.

Part of the problem is that the space allocated to work in varies A LOT.

Also, with large numbers of students, the cables can be a problem.

I prefer to work with two key lights (medium sized shoot through) and a hair light.

Sometimes, there is only room for one key light.

I have just switched to Green Screen, so I dont need to light the background.
(www.prompix.co.uk for examples).

I was thinking that if the lights were a lot smaller, I could attach one to the background stand, which would help with the space available.

I can sometimes do quite large groups (Upto 15 subjects squeezed onto the bakckground using stools, posing blocks and creativity !), so two key lights gives a better spread.

Mains cables can be a problem at some (quite a few) venues, and taping them to the floor is often just not an option.

I was thinking of using mains when the workflow was good and switching to battery when it is not.

Price is (of course) important, but so is the quality and how long they will last.

If I go to 400 or 500 iso, then I dont need huge power, so perhaps 300w might be enough. Would 200w be enough ?

Any ideas anyone ?
Full an frank discussion is good.

Bruce Foster

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