Lens Suggestion for E-M5

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Lens Suggestion for E-M5

I'm in the process of selling my K5 and V1 kits. Still waiting for the E-M5. So, what's a guy supposed to do but ponder about which lens to get.

I am looking for a compact kit with decent video capability that I can keep by my side and travel with, yet still have the capability to take pictures of my active 3 year old twins. The V1 was capable of doing that in good light. Once it gets dim, it struggled in the focusing department. The K5's AF was always a little suspect, so I never felt comfortable. I kept it after I got the V1 as a security blanket.

So far I'm looking at the following:

1) Compact all around lens
a) Oly 14-42 II - Cheap but seems bigger than the 14-42x

b) Pana 14-42 X - I like the size, but I am not sure how well the lens works on the E-M5

2) Normalish Prime

a) PL 25 - I am leaning towards this, however, I see many reports of noise when using with Oly camera. That has me concerned

b) Pana 20 - There are reports of autofocus being slow on the E-M5. So, that concerns me as fast AF is key to taking snapshots of the kids.

3) Portait Lens
a) Oly 45 - Leaning towards this. Should I consider any others?

4) Weather proof lens

a) 12-50 - Native and fast focusing. about 1.5 stops slower than then 14-54 4/3.

b) 14-54 4/3 - Faster, better IQ, non-native (slower AF). It wider but I can live with it. How much larger is this compared to the 12-50 mounted on the E-M5. They are about the same size when I look at the specs, but it would be nice to see a comparison shot.

5) Telephoto Zoom

a) I haven't really thought about this. Since most of my shooting is either in doors or at a park, I don't use anything more than 120mm. I was happy with the 30-110mm on the V1, so the smallest zoom that can get me to 300mm or so with good IQ will go.

6) Flash

a) I use flash quite a bit. I really like the Nikon SB400. So something that sized and power would work. For more power, I would probably do off camera lighting.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and comments.

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