V1 - worth buying?

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Yes, the V1 is worth buying.

It's excellent for what you want to do with it and is better than ANY Olympus ever made, especially at ISO800 and above. It's small and light, much smaller and lighter than any similar camera if you regard the lenses as well. The VF is excellent, high resolution and very little lag and so is the LCD. Also the AF is exceptional, especially in good light. In less favorable conditions it is not worse than the other alternatives. You have all the controls you need but some needs the use of menu or more than one push, just like in the high end DSLRs.

I bought mine for the same purpose you are thinking about it and I have not regretted for a moment. If I could turn back the time I'd buy it even today. The OMD is not interesting since just like every other Olympus, it seems to have the banding problem at high ISO and a quite ugly high ISO noise pattern.

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