If Nikon plans to sell 7 million DSLRs in 2012...

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Re: If Nikon plans to sell 7 million DSLRs in 2012...

JimPearce wrote:

They're going to have to knock our socks off with mid to high end DX. The D4 and D800 will only account for 420,000 units or 6% of that. Okay, let's say the D3200 really catches fire and they sell 2.8 million units of D3000/D3100/D3200. That leaves 54%. Suppose the D600 is a bigger hit than I think possible and they sell 1,260,000 units or about 100,000 a month (18%). That leaves 36% or 3,840,000 units of D5000/D5100/D90/D7000/D300s and successors. If they plan on doing this with only two cameras they're going to have to be damned good.

3, 840 000 units of D5100/D7000/successors/D400 combined may not be that unrealistic. 100 000/month for the D600 may, as you say, be less realistic. But not hopelessly so, I think. The D600 is, in a sense, aimed squarely at Canon's prospective 5DIII buyers, and I doubt Canon has something damned good up its sleeve to counteract quickly.

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