A retracting interchangeable lens system

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Re: A retracting interchangeable lens system

Also possible...After all that's what ricoh did with their film gr line....

But you will still that lens glued to the camera....also two cameras even if they are small start to take space...and think of the peripherals... Four batteries, multiple cards, settings that need to be coordinated, replicated on two cameras etc.

My grd3 is small, but with all the accessories it stats to get a rather hefty volume in the bag. I don't think I would have a place for a second one.

slncezgsi wrote:

Rondon - I have such a camera. It is called Mamiya 6

Thje GRD cameras are so small, that I would rather carry two of them (with different fix lenses) than keep swapping lens on one body.

GRD with 21 and 35/40 lenses would be a nice combination (and I would sell the GRDIII I have now)

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