Monochrome M - Silly Idea?

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Zvonimir Tosic
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The idea is fantastic

Leica was in an ideal situation to introduce something like this. They can reuse 99% of the current M design and components and plonk in a new sensor, rebadge all as a new product altogether. So very close to nil $ spent in R&D, which has already paid itself long ago.

However, I don't know how good the sensor really is, can it be better, so forth. I think they didn't want to go that far and introduce a really good beast of a dedicated monochrome sensor, or invest into a development of one. That, however, would not sound like Leica's approach anyway, because they don't innovate in tech.

So from grounds up this was a very conservative, calculated approach, which yielded in a new opportunity (M-P was another one too) to slightly expand the product range, and give them the opportunity to rise prices again.

Price rise now will better absorb the shock after the introduction of an M10 and the (obviously) much higher price than both M9 and M9M have.

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