What are your archival & backup policies?

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Guy Parsons wrote:

szlevi wrote:

How do you archive your shots?

Before any serious away from home time then all is backed up freshly and the USB drives are either taken with us and/or sent to relatives houses, and the backups effectively end up in 3 places when doing that. At home all the backups are in the house, if the house fries with everything in it then the images are about the very last of my worries. But at least the little USB drives are easy to grab and run with.

Just checked, nearly 10 years and 411 gigs of mostly jpegs and some RAWs and near to 95,000 images. Every few years a drive fills up so is copied across to a newer and bigger and cheaper drive and the old one is used for lesser projects and odd backups.

Why don't you buy a (cheap nowadays) 1Tb HDD, make a copy of your "digital life" (411Gb of pictures is not that much!), and put the HDD permanently at the house of a friend/family member or at your office. Once in a while (every few months) you update that HDD (so in worst case, you loose the most recent months, but often these pictures are still on the SD cards or so).

I had a friend who got some burglars : all electronics gone (drives, computers, etc.)... Not to speak of the more dramatic risks (fire?)...

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