Where is the great E-M5 photos?

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Re: Honest recommendation:

kermitG9 wrote:

  • If you have a problem with noise at ISO 800 .. you should ask yourself : Would a faster lens improve that situation ?? Your 7-14mm definitely doesn't have the best aperture. Could you also further improve that situation using RAW ? I can do clean shots up to 1600 ISO with my 4 year old E-520.. and easily recover up to 2 EVs.

Yes i have PanaLeica F1.4, but it can't do anything with the noise at 800 iso. I alwais using RAW+jpeg.

  • Skin Tones and WB : Could it be that you've badly set them up .. can't you fix them I post-processing (I can !)

Stop! You can use your postprocessing or something, but i just need better cam. Stop talking about my skills. This topic about - "Why fuji makes better images than e-m5"

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