LR4 or CS6?

Started May 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
Gakuranman Senior Member • Posts: 1,165
Re: LR4 or CS6?

I used to use Photoshop for photo editing but now almost exclusively use Lightroom. Version 4 is excellent. The only time i need to open Photoshop is for stuff like HDR and focus stacking, which CS4 can do very well. I am curious by the CS6 enhancements in content-aware correction though.

Louis_Dobson wrote:

I already have CS4 (CS5 coming I hope). LR41RC2 running.

I use LR's library functions. Can CS6 do something similar? And does it have the same gradient and selective edit tools?

I know, I could download the trial. But life is short, I have a month of photos to PP, and one of you will simply know....

The choice is upgrade LR3 to 4 and keep CS4 (or maybe 5) or drop LR and upgrade to CS6.

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