My quest at an end:

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My quest at an end:

I am a huge 300mm f2.8 lens lover. I have always been looking without success, for the 300mm lens that takes a 1.4 and delivers prime sharpness of the 500mm f4 L IS.
That quest is over with the Canon 300mm f2.8 ll.

First, I shoot birds only. I am not interested in another type of photography. I only use 300mm f2.8 and 500mm f4 or 4.5 (Sigma) lenses. So any other comments would be to def ears. I know nothing about sports, portrait or anything else.

I went into BKK yesterday for a couple of reasions. Ended up buying the Canon 300mm f2.8 ll. I took my current 300mm f2.8 IS with me for a comparison. I used a 5dll for the testing and I only shot with the new Canon 2X lll on both lenses. I cannot stress how important this is to a birder. Double check and triple check you lens before purchase.

Center sharpness is good on both lenses but sharper and contrast on the new 300. Not to an extent where I thought would make much difference but an improvement. The edges were where it really pulled ahead. Amazing quality FF at 600mm f5.6 on the edges.

Today while testing I used the old 1.4x ll. With a 7D. My preferred body for birding. I cannot tell you what a difference it is shooting with this lens compared to the 300 F2.8 IS. IS up to 4 stops is just amazing. And for some reason it locked AF faster and more decisive. I have no explanation for that one.

For me and for birding it is a perfect lens. Hand holding and sharpness is something that is just amazing. I can say for my walk around and medium and BIF this lens is the best I have ever seen period. IMHO

The front page of my flickr site is with the lens hand held with the 7D and 1.4x l T.C. No bean bags or anything. Just point and shoot.

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