Why the M mono and 50 APO will sell.

Started May 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
Tee1up Regular Member • Posts: 460
Re: Why the M mono and 50 APO will sell.

If you test the negative sentiment towards this camera, I think people (in general) are feeling a bit like they are being sold a fix for a deficit that doesn't exist. Many of us loved using B&W film and indeed many still do and it seems Leica is trying to capitalize on that sentiment by inferring that the same experience can be had with digital cameras. Sure, you can 'cheat' with a plugin but the true connoisseur will want a dedicated device capable of splitting atoms.

The real irony here is that all four of the people that buy this camera will still process the images and Efex' stock will not suffer a single down-tick.

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