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Re: I don't like them

Berghof wrote:

small chip and a big body with useless high zoom

"Useless high zoom." This statement makes no sense. The long zoom is certainly not useless. A high percentage of all the waterfowl shots I take are at 810mm. For some kinds of photography long lenses are useless, but for other kinds they are absolutely necessary. This is why every camera maker makes long lenses, or hadn't you noticed that.

, they are inexpensive

That is a good thing unless your ego needs the support of shouting to others that you have spent a lot money. Your closing comment suggests that this is your problem.

if you don't want to carry a big DSLR why don't you get 4/3 camera?

In bright light you don't really need that larger sensor. The smaller sensor lets you carry a long lens in a much smaller package that is more easily handled.

I wouldn't be seen with one of them in the public even during the darkest hour of the night

Ah this is what it is all about, self-image. If all we want to know is what is fashionable, we wouldn't try to understand a camera. Our method might be to decide who is fashonable and see what kind of camera they carry. Those cameras would then be "good cameras". That would be a method that could be adopted a web site called "Fashion Camera Review." You could visit that site and leave those of us with less need for ego support to discuss cameras.

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