R lenses

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glacierpete Senior Member • Posts: 1,917
Re: R lenses

I use a Summicron R 50 and Macro Elmarit 60 on a Sony Nex 5n. Works great. There are also adapters for Leica M lenses to Sony Nex bodies. Even adapters with an built in helicoid for closer focusing with Leica M lenses.

Leitax produces Leica adpaters/mounts for many cameras

Fotodiox has a simialar product. The fotodiox pro Nikon Leica Adapter works great too.

The new 36,3 Megapixel Nikon D800 would be an interesting platform for your Leica R lenses. If Leica would ever build a camera like that, it would be quite likely in the Leica S2 price range.

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