Love the X100 even though it's Sticky.

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Zvonimir Tosic
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Me too Amy

Had an M8, sold it (recognised in time M won't be a fun in the long term), got an X100 because of the smaller size, fixed lens and innovative VF mostly. Good for sore eyes!

Mine got sticky too but was returned to me repaired from Fuji in a record time, and with a complimentary note and latest firmware installed.

I get an impression Fuji tries really hard, they work hard and innovate, listen to users, and such a road is not without its dangers — especially when the concept of a camera is new as in case of X100.

X100 — my loving companion. Hope you'll enjoy it even more.

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Zvonimir Tosic

"I want to be the tripod, the light meter, the motor drive."
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