My full review of the new X2 is up!

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Re: Ming the Merciful

It sounds like a pretty good camera if the AF is sorted out. The image quality in the X1 was superb, it was the AF and overall slow operation that made it leave my hands.

Ming is right that the sensor-lens pairing is vitally important. The X1 had it just right.

Problem is of course that the other available options have moved far forward in the past couple of years. You can get the same Sony sensor, which is probably the best in the world right now other than a full frame, in several other mirrorless offerings for a lot less money, and more importantly with more flexibility. The Pentax K-01 with a trio of fine pancake lenses (equivalent to 24mm, 32mm and 60mm) will still cost less and give you superb IQ. Frankly I can't see a difference in files taken with the K-o1 and my old X1. The Nex5 uses the same sensor as well, I believe.

All that may be irrelevant IF the camera did fix the annoying flaws in the X1.

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