Why is an OM-D better than a Pentax K-5?

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Melbourne Park wrote:

zxaar wrote:

Yaa but the problem is biggest dimension. Both cameras are unpocketable. You have to carry both of them in either hands or in bag.

The OM-D without a lens does fit in a jacket pocket. So too a lens in the other pocket. The K is just too big I'm afraid - but lots of Pentax lenses will fit in the other pocket.

sorry but k-5 also fits the jacket without lens. It is not that big. Try that.

And you can use those lenses on the OM-D, and manual ones focus better on the OM-D than they do on the K. And the OM-D's IBIS is better too.

Adpater costs money, if it were for free i am game. Add that to cost of system.

As far as sensors go, they are all excellent except for 5% of photos. Crop factor is a real difference though, but its not a very big one.

I have Pentax lenses too ... a fast 50mm prime amongst them. Tragically I had an excellent fish eye lens, that I had serviced (by a shop) and they sold it ... so they claimed ...

But the, the 50 mm is very soft except for in the centre.

Which 50mm you are talking about?? Only FA version lacks the contrast. Shoot 50mm F1.2 at f1.8 and compare it with 45mm at 1.8 the difference would not be much. Probably the F1.2 version might be sharper seeing that it is very usable at F1.2. Their takumar F1.4, F1.8 are also very good lenses and so is F2 version.

Its bigger than the 45mm F/1.8 lens,

FA version is not much bigger than 45mm F1.8 and so is takumar version. You are simply wrong here.

which is sharp everywhere, and it doesn't auto focus. So I have purchased the 45 Olympus lens as well. Its a portrait type lens, and with the eye focus and tracking on, it will auto focus quickly and get great people shots.

Good for you but it does not make other lenses useless.

And another thing ... the legacy K lenses are designed for film. The light bounces all around the camera's sensor due to the glass being designed for light absorbing film.

Have been using them on cameras for years. Haven't noticed problems. Here is one shot in bright day light.

Here is another one from soft 50mm

And when one comes down to teles - things will change further. And with teles, the crop factor becomes a bigger advantage to m43. And how about wide angle? What has the K got to match the 14-28mm (FF) width of the 7-14 zoom?

Pentax Q holds that advantage much much more than OMD do over APC cams.

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